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Our Payment API

What is Cash Management ? 

Cash Management activity plays a major role within banks and for the life of companies: it guarantees customers the circulation of liquidity necessary for the proper functioning of their activity. Cash Management solutions therefore aim to help companies with this major issue, and consist in many products to manage liquidity: Cash pooling, electronic global payment channels, payment terminals, e-commerce, and all payment methods. to send or receive money.

BNP Paribas' Cash Management solutions are innovative and intend to go beyond this traditional framework, to offer services with real added value. Our solutions are designed to be a real driver of digital transformation for our customers and a springboard for the development of new business strategies.



Integrate many means of payment and deliver a better user experience to your customers ! 

BNP Paribas Cash Management API help you integrate many different payment methods quickly and improve the user experience of your customers on your sites. 
By going from the electronic signature of a direct debit mandate to the execution of a SEPA transfer in less than 10 seconds, the Cash Management API make it possible to improve our cash management and simplify life for all your customers. 
So don't hesitate to try them out and contact us today for more information. 

Cash Management solutions 


BNP Paribas client companies can initiate SEPA instant transfers while integrating this payment processing in an automated fashion into their commercial value chain. 

Benefits :

  • Confirm the accessibility of the beneficiary for instant payment. 
  • Initiate an instant SEPA transfer to credit the beneficiary in less than 10 seconds. 

  • Retrieve the execution status of the payment from 15 seconds after the start of the payment. The payment initiation process can be integrated directly into your channels (Website, mobile application, cash management system). In addition, by also setting up an automatic and secure approval process, this initiation process can be fully automated. 


This API offer allows online signing of SDD (Sepa Direct Debit) mandates. This paid offer is aimed at all countries of the European Union that are part of the SEPA direct debit system. 

Benefits :

  • The EasyCollect solution can be implemented for online and offline business. * The EasyCollect API also offer a centralized mandate database and SDD management.
  • SDD gives you the certainty of getting paid on time, while API make payment effortless. 


AXEPTA ONLINE makes it possible to take charge of the new challenges of online commerce such as international markets, the ubiquity of the mobile, data management, security and the growing need for flexibility and simplicity. 

Benefits :

  • Global coverage with local and international payment methods. 
  • A flexible and customizable responsive payment page. 
  • Easy integration thanks to payment modules 
  • Interactive and optimized dashboards to visualize performance.